Tax and legal news
With respect to the amended Customs Act that was published in the Collection of Laws on 29 July 2016, some changes to VAT, which we have informed you about in the past, have become effective. The most important changes are:  more...
The Senate has approved the governmental amendment to the legislative measure on real estate acquisition tax, and the amendment has been signed by the president. According to the explanatory report, the main aim of the amendment is to eliminate the deficiencies in the legislation effective from 2014 concerning, for example, the ambiguity or inaccuracy of the legislation or possible undesirable tax optimisation in the field.  more...

KempHoogstad Tax Advisors

KempHoogstad (Prague, Czech republic) was founded in 2006 by tax advisors and lawyers who have acquired their experience at reputable international law and tax firms. The quality of our services is comparable with those provided by big international law firms and tax advisory companies. We are smaller but highly specialised, and we provide our services more promptly and more efficiently than our competitors.

You can rely on our top expertise gained during various projects and transactions related to Czech and international tax law, structuring of intragroup financing, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, real estate, and others. Moreover, we provide services in the field of compliance, such as preparation of corporate or personal income tax returns, as well as indirect and other taxes.

You can also use the services of our partner tax firms abroad.

We know all our clients personally, which helps us to design tax scenarios tailored to their needs and requests. Completing an assignment does not mean the end of work for us. We always provide something more in the form of suggestions and advice that help our clients achieve their business goals.

We have access to sensitive financial data when working for our clients. We, therefore, take extra precautions in handling the data professionally and keeping it safe. Our advisors are experienced in dealing with highly respected managers and in working on important transactions. In this respect, the confidentiality of information is a high priority for us.

Our complete independence as a tax advisor or consultant is the most valuable benefit to the interests of our clients. We are specialists in tax law, and we cooperate with our clients' lawyers, notaries, accountants and other institutions. We always act according to our own discretion, independently, and we always prioritise the interests of our clients.