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Employment within the Czech Republic, the EU and third countries

We can provide comprehensive tax advice on employment in the Czech Republic, including advice on international employment structures.

We have many years of experience with issues connected to foreign individuals working in the Czech Republic as employees of Czech companies, self-employed individuals, or individuals seconded to the Czech Republic. We would also be happy to advise you on issues relating to Czech citizens working abroad.

We will analyse your employee wage and benefits packages and help you to design and implement an efficient remuneration scheme. We will assist you in quantifying the current workforce costs. We will review the existing costs for benefits currently being provided to employees, such as company cars, pension insurance, accommodation, training, the use of sporting facilities, etc.

We will review the benefits policy, including the identification of tax, health insurance and social security issues; for your specific needs, we will design a remuneration structure which will address the tax deductibility of costs, the taxability of income for the employee, internal procedures, and administration. We will inform you in detail of the system of compensation for travel expenses. We will review your existing internal procedures on compensation for travel expenses and will design all necessary changes. We will provide you with detailed information about all aspects of corporate and personal income taxes and contributions to social security and health insurance which relate to compensating travel expenses.